"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, That's as good as they're going to feel all day."
- Frank Sinatra-

  • Like you, we are a group of guys and gals who love entertaining. We know how to throw a good party and we enjoy going to great events as well. Over the years we have found the more unique and personalized a party is, the better the time had by all.

    Barley Hop Beer was created to provide people the joy of home crafting their own beer for these very events. Custom labels and beer will make any party a hit. The conversation starter alone is liquid gold! We take pride in teaching others the skill of brewing and helping them have a product that is unlike any other.

    Beer has one of those rare qualities of bringing people together. You name the party, I bet there is a beer there! Why not bring the joy of beer to your event and add a personal touch to it at the same time.

    We have taken the world of beer and brought it to your home or event. Unlike meeting at a bar to drink beer or serving beer at your event we get you involved by helping you create the exact beer you want. You can customize the ingredients, labels and presentation. You 100% create and brew your own beer with our guidance and equipment. When you present your creation at your next event you will take pride in knowing you were not “A” part, but “THE” part of the beer your guests drink. Not to mention when the label on the beer reflects the party the people are attending, a sense of ownership and loyalty to the party is created.

    Presentation is key to any item that represents you and we offer graphic designers that help you develop the best label, holder, logo, etc that defines you and your event. Besides labels Barley Hop Beer can put your logo or picture on other items including Koozies, bottle openers, etc.

    Contact us today and set up your next event with Barley Hop Beer, you will not be disappointed. We look forward to not only sharing a cold one with you, but helping you create memories which will last forever.

"We know everyone has different needs and wants so we offer customizable packages to fit every unique event"

We have fine tuned the process of home brewing beer to help you create a rememberable beverage that you and your friends will talk about for years to

come. We start off by helping you find the exact beer or beers you wish to create for your event. Our experts can help you make great beers from start to,

finish. After finding your beer type we then customize your complete experience down to the labels. We offer high quality templates that will meet your

every need or we can go 100% custom to make your label have your special touch. After we get all the details out of the way we then schedule when and

where you would like to make your beer. Our high quality equipment is mobile and brought to you wherever that might be. We bring all the ingredients,

equipment, and fun. All you do is show up and make beer. This is the key to a great experience as you don’t have to worry about cleanup or

setup / tear down.

After you make your beer we help you transfer it to fermenters which we will take with us to put into our temperature controlled chamber to keep your

beer fermenting at optimum temperatures during the whole life cycle. We will then transfer your beer over to bottles that will be carbonated, capped,

labeled and finally packaged for your event.

The whole process takes 3-4 weeks from the day we make the beer to the day you drink the beer for most brews. We also have many customizable

options that can make your event talked about forever. Your logo will be put on an array of items that can be added onto any package we offer. Our

experts will help you from start to finish and make sure you have a smile on your face the whole time with a No-Stress guarantee. If you can think of it

we can do it. We have basic packages listed, but the sky is the limit as far as meeting your needs. Contact us to today so we can get started on one of our basic packages or a 100% customized package to meet your EXACT needs.


    whycraftCraft beer has been described variously as 10 minutes of pleasure, pure happiness in a glass, authentic, archetypical, an intellectual beverage that is to be savored not swilled and much, much more. It is enjoyed for everyday celebrations and is viewed by many as one of the special things in life that makes the day taste and feel a little better.

    Each glass displays the creativity and passion of its maker and the complexity of its ingredients. Craft beer is treasured by millions around the world who see it as not merely a fermented beverage, but something to be enjoyed in moderation, shared and revered. It is a versatile beverage that not only enhances food when paired, but is also often brought into the kitchen as a cooking ingredient.

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